Monday, October 06, 2008

The Right Rev. Chris Freeland

So in addition to running technology projects and writing a cooking blog I also marry people. Chris and Emily are neighbors of ours, and great friends. I offered my services in jest at a dinner party more than a year ago and they took me up on the spot. They held the wedding at my place of employment (Missouri Botanical Garden), which was very cool for me, and absolutely beautiful. The whole event, from processional to last dance, was traditional, yet unconventional, and totally unique - just like Chris & Emily. I was honored & thrilled to play a part in their day.

And maybe someday my partner of more than 10 years and I will be able to do the same. Sure, we can go to California or Massachusetts and other East Coast cities, or Iowa, but that would carry no legal benefit as we live in Missouri. Someday.


Chris Freeland said...

Hey Chris,

We're really confusing people! I grew up in MO (Columbia), and happen to have the same name. I'm currently a pastor in Fort Worth, TX.

About once a week, an acquaintance from my past will search my name in google and come across your blog. They're usually surprised that I'm still in Missouri (I'm not), not surprised that I'm gay (I'm actually not), and are excited about a great recipe I've posted.

Today, someone went searching for a wedding announcement of a wedding I had done, and found your blog entry. Keep up the great work - people don't know what to think about either of us.


Engagement Announcement Invitations said...

Rev. Chris Freeland, keep up the good work. I'm glad that you made yourself available to solemenize the wedding.

note card online printing said...

Chris, continue doing God's work. I know that you have so many ministries ahead of you. Just do it for Him.