Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Status of biodiversity services

The brilliant Rod Page has created a monitoring service for bioinformatics web sites & services (like DiGIR) after he ran into uptime issues with databases at Smithsonian & other large institutions. Check it out at:

His rationale, posted to the Taxacom listserv:

Additional information about Rod's thoughts here, on Twitter:
(Tweets as documentation. A first!)

I applaud this idea. As I Twittered (Tweeted?) back to Rod, he has "created an incentive chart for bioinformatics services, like in sales." A little competition is good among peers, and this is the first time I've seen a visual overview of how my servers & sites are doing compared with others in my field. I'm sure this was Rod's goal and he nailed it.

Now, how do we ensure that the service monitor is up?


Ed said...

Yeah - what happened to that service :S

Chris Freeland said...

HA! Looks like Rod took bioguid down. Well, I guess the canary is dead. We are all doomed.